How much does it really cost to develop an App?


Screen-shot-2012-01-23-at-7_12_32-AMHow much does it cost to develop an app?

This is the very first question asked by the businesses and companies that want to have a mobile app for their businesses. There are as many types of business apps for mobiles as there are businesses.

Each app depends on the type of business it will be developed for. According to a recent research it takes approximately 7 months to 1 year to build a mobile app.

The research also says the average amount of cost for a traditional custom business mobile app these days is $ 500,000 to $ 1,000,000.

Mobile app development is an interesting but time consuming job requiring highly professional programming skills. All these things together make a mobile app more expensive.

Companies ask for mobile apps for the sake of more easy communication, secure shopping and for advertising there brands on global level. At the same time these apps help them notify their customers about the latest news, keeping their purchase record and building repeat business too. These are just some of the major uses of mobile apps for businesses; there are a lot more beneficial uses of these apps.

These benefits make these apps essential for the companies.

App development company Propelics breaks down enterprise apps to three price ranges:

  • Simple Enterprise iPad App Development that Costs: $50,000 (+/- 20%)
  • Medium Enterprise iPad App Development that Costs: $100,000 (+/- 20%)
  • Complex Enterprise iPad App Development that Costs: $150,000 (and up)

The more complicated functionality app requires more time and hard work so the company must have to be more patient and might have to spend a big budget.

The cost of an app depends a lot on the features it provides. Mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), extremely demonstrated user friendly interface and use of latest development trends can make app cost reach up to $150,000+ category.

The cost of mobile app depends on the type of business a lot. Features required for the mobile app, which helps people find all five star restaurants in the vicinity will definitely have different features from the one that helps people find cars on rent or purchase cloths from the online market.

After reading this you’re probably thinking, if apps are so expensive why do so many businesses have one? The answer is DIY App Builders! 

There are plenty of platforms available to small businesses that want to get a simple app off the ground with comprehensive features such as ordering, reservations, store card and loyalty points. The list of features are extensive but much more affordable!

For a few hundred bucks and a small monthly fee, anyone can have their app up and running in less than a week!

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How to get people to download your new app!

So you’ve published your App to the App Stores and they’re ready for download… Now What?

Advertising your app and getting users is one of the hardest parts of building a mobile-first startup. Better distribution and advertisement of app results in turning more users and traffic to your mobile app.

Most of the entrepreneurs make mistake of focusing less on this aspect. Besides getting more users, one must focus on engaging the current users as well. The most efficient method that can cause viral effect is word of mouth that is best spread by the customers who have used your products or services.

The better you market your app the more your business will spread. The best way for this is your customers. Provide more ways of sharing your app to the user e.g. on facebook, twitter, Orcut etc.

Let’s have a look on few strategies that can make your customer advertise your app.

Use social media

Many people these days use social networking websites e.g. facebook, twitter or yahoo. You can provide the tools and options to customers to share your app on these websites. Or you might give an option of providing bonus to the user in case they share your app.

Paid cash

You can offer $5 to each new customer or in case they invite their friends to use your app. Although, not the most cost-effective solution, you’re bound to get what you pay for!

Special Offers for App Download

Offer a freebie upon download of your app and tell your customers to go in-store, show the app in order to redeem! This is a great way to increase business and get your app downloads going. You can also offer some kind of special offer or prize for the ones initial customers. This attracts a lot of people at once.

Offer points for using the app

You can offer a loyalty feature or points collection feature whereby users who interact with your app, open a push-notification, check-in at your store and share with their friends can earn points, and use it at your business! (ask us how here)

Promote in store

Flyer designs can be as affordable as $5! Get one done on Fiverr, print them out and hand them around your business or wherever your customers are most!

Keep attracting your current users:

Don’t rash for new users all the time. Try to attract your current users more by sending those notifications about something which is valuable, give them surprises and exciting offers.

Never lose your current users and customers. Promote them with exceptional content or activities – these people will be your word of mouth and help accelerate your business!

How to use your Mobile App for repeat business?

repeat-business-mobile-appHow a Mobile App for your Business can create repeat Business

Repeat business is required by the companies that manage their own talent and want to keep the information of their previous customers, besides this they want to attract the potential customers too. Mobile App provides easy and secure access to their businesses.

Mostly people these days spend a good number of their time on their mobile phones. From playing games to surfing and shopping, from paying bill to contacting their friends and family members, everything is now so simple, time efficient and straightforward.

E-commerce is the rowdily grown aspect of web technology these days, almost all companies and businesses these days have their own websites or mobile apps. The websites and mobile apps help in easy and secure online shopping, plus it also helps customer and company both in keeping the record of the purchased items.


Some of the recent Mobile Apps and their uses

Carpe Diem Massage, Salon Ish, KaZingo! Tacoma, Rutledge Corn Maze, Small Business Stories. Each of these apps helps in different ways. Some of them aid in finding other business offering loyalty programs in your area, while others help in making secure and reliable purchases with complete records. Many of the apps help in keeping track of the purchased products and can compare the same products and their prices by different businesses. You do not need to go at every shop and ask about the prices or quality and then making comparisons. These apps do it for you in no time.


            Companies need to build an app that must boost up its repeat business using mobile coupons, digital loyalty cards, real-time deals and much more. The company can drive customer engagement when and where it counts with push notifications and location-based messaging. These apps help a lot in promoting brands plus the spread awareness among your customers about your business. You can provide social sharing tools and options so that not only the purchases will be made but customers will be able to share their experiences too.

These apps help company in sending news alerts, information about new products, coupons and deals to the customers. Forget about paper advertisements or taking help from news channels. All those ways are pretty expensive and are less likely to be noticed by most of the customers. Mobile apps help you boosting your repeat business by adding loyalty schemes, exclusive offers, and push notifications for engagement. All these features will make your customers your biggest fans.


Investing in a Mobile Application for your Restaurant: No Reservations


Infographic-Restaurant-AppsAs a restaurant owner, you are probably reading the heading, wondering why you should create a mobile application when you already spend so much time on other methods to market your business. It takes so much more time and effort, which you simply cannot afford to waste; or can you?

What is a restaurant mobile app?

Basically, a mobile application is software created for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. While some applications are available for free download, others cost money. Whether you want to present your restaurant mobile app for free or at a small cost, it is up to you, but it has been proven that free applications are more popular. Launching your mobile app for free could ultimately lead to more customers downloading it through word of mouth. This means more traffic to your restaurant mobile app and more exposure; therefore increased sales.

Reaping the benefits of a restaurant mobile app

A mobile application that is well-developed will become your best online “business card”. People will get to know your restaurant in a way they have never before. Through your mobile application, customers can view your available menus, specials of the day as well as current events or future happenings. In essence, it will become your online promotion tool, generating more positive exposure for your restaurant and building a regular client base. If you develop a mobile app that integrates navigation to your venue, you will allow potential customers to find your establishment more easily. When cleverly designed, customers could also make reservations at your restaurant, or even order their favorite meals directly via the application from available menus.

Implementing loyalty rewards for regular customers

Visits from regular customers can be increased when you implement loyalty rewards. They could receive a virtual stamp for every visit to your restaurant or online order they place. Once they have accumulated the required amount of stamps, it can be used to receive loyalty rewards, either by means of a free meal or a special discount on popular dishes.

Communicating with customers through your restaurant mobile app

Whether you are planning specials on meals or a specific event, messages could be sent to your customers who have the mobile app installed on their mobile devices by means of push messaging. This will ensure that your customers are in the know about upcoming special events and can plan to attend your establishment well in advance. It is a very effective method of marketing your restaurant, as it eliminates the never-ending lists of general text messages or emails which have to be sent to customers. It should increase your list of customer reservations and ultimately, increase your sales.

Are you disadvantaging your Business by not going Mobile?


infographic-global-m-commerce-cropThe technological revolution is moving so fast that it is hard to keep up. You may have seen a commercial making fun of this. You watch a guy get sold into buying a large 3d television and once he gets it home and turned on the first thing he sees is an ad for a 4d television making the 3d television obsolete. While this is meant to be a joke, there is some truth in the matter. It used to take decades to centuries to come out with new technology but, now is growing by the month.

One common example is how the use of mobile phones and devices has skyrocketed. It used to be that you had to use a phone booth when out or a payphone in a building. Now every person, even children, have phones. This has changed the way the world behaves, including the way business is done. These days the hot trend is to create an app for your company or product to help reach out to that branch of consumers. Usually I would be an advocate for following your own path but, in the world of business it is important to keep up with the technology. Those companies that fail to do so will fall out and fail.

Mobile apps are the newest and best way to promote your small business. Many consumers these days do their shopping and browsing through their phones. Many phones have apps directly loaded onto them. In essence if you give consumers an app you will be putting your business right in front of them everywhere they go. As you can see this is the recipe for growth of your company.

Like many things in the world of business it is best to outsource them. Perhaps you own a local health products store. You are an expert at health products and the means of selling them but, you most likely aren’t an expert in programming. Do not fret over this because there are experts who know exactly how to make professional mobile apps and properly market them. This is where I suggest you turn. Let the professionals do what they do so you can get back to what you do. Just imaging the number of sales you could make if you were to have an app that keeps the ability to order products right in the hands of the consumer. You would literally be just a few presses of a button away from the next sale.